Kathy Bergstraser

Kathy Bergstraser is an Interior Designer who draws upon many years of creative experience bringing timeless and inviting interiors to life for her varied clientele. She is an Interior Designer with over 25 years of experience in the field, and the quality she values most is her ability to connect with her Clients. She explores the nuances that make them tick and transforms these subtle cues into stylish spaces that evoke a sense of comfort and ease.

Kathy’s joy comes shining through when she is able to immerse herself completely in the process whether it’s pouring over a detailed hand drawing, physically pushing furniture around a room, or even wielding a hammer at times.

April Martini

April Martini is an Interior Designer who is inspired by her European roots and West Coast upbringing to create spaces that are artfully composed.

Clients are drawn to her unexpected color palettes and layered interiors with an edge.

April is pleased to offer the Virtual Vivid services to clients as she sees it as an opportunity to provide great design to a broad spectrum of clientele.

Discovering new furniture, textiles, accessories or a funky antique is what excites April as she’s creating a space or selecting new pieces for the My Vivid Home online store.